Nokia 2366i - Welcome

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Nokia 2366i mobile
device. Your phone provides many functions practical for daily
use, such as a hands-free loudspeaker, alarm clock, calculator,
calendar, and more. To personalize your phone, you can set
your favorite ringing tones.

Register your phone

Make sure to register your phone so we can serve your needs
better if you need to call a customer care center or to have
your phone repaired. Use the warranty card included in the
box to register your phone.

Getting help

Find your phone label

If you need help,
Verizon’s Wireless
Customer Service
is available. Dial
It is recommended
that you write
down the following information and have it available:

Electronic serial number (ESN) or mobile equipment

Your zip code

The ESN or MEID is found on the type label, which is located
beneath the battery on the back of the phone. See "Insert the
battery," p. 16.

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W e l c o m e


Verizon wireless customer service

To reach Verizon’s billing and customer service support, get
updates on your phone, learn about accessibility solutions,
or to get phone support, dial 1-800-256-4646.

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P h o n e a t a g l a n c e